About Donna

I have a huge heart, and I love both kids and animals. I found myself pregnant at 15 and moved out on my own to raise my son. He’s the best son a mother could hope for, and I love him dearly. After a time, I married and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She is so talented and will always be my sunshine.  I’m a dreamer and I truly believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I have been in the sales and marketing field all my life. I am very independent and have never asked for anything until recently. I acknowledge that the things I need to be with my children require me to reach out for help. I am asking for the truth to be told and those responsible for my wrongful conviction to be held accountable. For those who feel my website content is too abrasive and should not be displayed, please understand I only want the truth revealed, and if I hurt a few people’s feelings along the way I am apologizing to you now. I was sentenced to die in prison for protecting my son. Had all of the facts been heard at my trial I feel confident I would not be here serving a life sentence. I’ve never said I don’t deserve punishment for taking a life, but not life. Before you judge me you should know all the facts surrounding my relationship with Dustin Stanley.

So please, continue to read my website in hopes that you gain a better understanding of why I took action.

They say prayer works in numbers and I need all the prayers I can get.


  1. harry hunt says:

    AMEN .my g mail is hunt22655@gmail.com


  2. Donna was, like many inmates, a victim of Police or Prosecutor Misconduct Is at Root of Half of Exoneration Cases, Study Finds. … The study, which is based on 2,400 exonerations recorded in the registry from 1989 until early 2019, found that prosecutors and police officers committed misconduct at comparable rates (30 percent and 34 percent)


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